Question of Pu cropland net comes day after day, policeman of group of policeman of the city proper and areas just outside its gates is in urban Li city highway, Li contain highway and city the much point such as mouth of constant line across is main a section of a highway, transform motor vehicle and segregation of blame motor vehicle to protect column,

Class traffic environment (the) that be like a graph, promote civilized town image, aid force to start a city.

To purify road surface order further, guide motor vehicle, blame motor vehicle effectively to press travel, ensure blame motor vehicle, pedestrian is current and safe, this group is in begin ” the party is built + community neighborhood way is long make ” in traffic administration, report of the member that receive reseau protects column to require optimized proposal about partial a section of a highway, crossing, organize personnel to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot to each a section of a highway instantly, ask for circumjacent dweller, business actively to spread the proposal that goes up in traffic administration to relevant a section of a highway and opinion at the same time, break the law to pedestrian, car turn around, the traffic such as driveway of go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations, cross violates phenomenon and existence safety hidden danger to undertake discharging checking, optimize road segregation to protect column, prevent effectively and reduce accident and traffic jam to wait for circumstance happening, raise way general efficiency and safety factor. (Article of Huang Huang of Wu Weifeng of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter / graph)