According to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency report occupied farmland to build room problem to spread in the light of rural chaos on July 31 impetus, rich ministry, agricultural country ministry is made clear 31 days put forward ” 8 forbid ” ” do not get ” , block thin band up, ensure farmland red line and farmer residence use the land reasonable demand.

Rich ministry, agricultural country ministry releases jointly ” occupy farmland to build a house about rural chaos ” 8 forbid ” announcement ” in of the regulation “

8 forbid ” include: Forbid to take up permanent and basic farm builds a house, forbid forcibly occupy to occupy farmland to build a house more, prohibit transaction, be on the move farmland breaks the law build a house, forbid to contracting break the law on farmland build a house, forbid concoct various pretexts to break the law take up farmland builds a house, forbid to disobey ” one one curtilage ” the regulation takes up farmland builds a house, forbid to sell the house that takes up farmland is built illegally, forbid to break the law examine and approve take up farmland builds a house.

Cause of examine Chen Chen says vice-governor of national rich full-time, rural chaos occupies farmland to build room problem last a period of time longer, face vast amount is much, from parcel area to countrywide limits, from average house to building villa, live to oneself from the farmer sell illegally, from single home alone door to the organization is carried out spread. Relevant law system was become ” decoration ” ” jackstraw ” , concerned branch superintendency not do one’s best, execute the law lax even laissez-faire, pay no attention to, farmland of lay a finger on protects red line, minatory country commissariat is safe. Urgent affairs is to stand all right change, determined stanch increment. What after the announcement allots, appear is new add break the law violate compasses behavior to want ” 0 patient ” , should demolish demolish, this confiscatory seizure, the deadline with this agrarian answer answer agrarian, should investigate duty depend on lawfully compasses investigate duty.