Reporter of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns yesterday, couple of office of government of city municipal project is current and real, carry out those who fulfil print and distribute of work out of city city management board ” flood prevention prevents typhonic risk grade beforehand case ” , against a rainy day, act actively, promotion lash-up deals with ability of rush to deal with an emergency, ensure urban safety spends flood.

According to the requirement, each construction group fulfils flood season strictly to draw conduction band class and systems of 24 class of one hour value, it is dangerous to had done waterlogged water to take give a warning of platoon, traffic and focal point canal of a sector of an area accuses. Adjust team of go on a tour of inspection of flood prevention rush to deal with an emergency and project emergency squad in time, at present the emergency squad divides 4 groups, in all 40 people, differentiated in detail rush to deal with an emergency piece area and central the city zone are low-lying hidden trouble of great and dangerous source selects a sector of an area, set caution mark, make sex of its specific aim, operation stronger.

Office of government of city municipal project returns in advance to plan disposition, lay in flood prevention goods and materials, laid in sandbag in all at present 600, safe caution indicates 180, pump water pump 7 (1200 stere / hour) , dragon is bibulous 1 (3000 cubic metre

Rice / hour) wait for equipment of goods and materials of rush to deal with an emergency of lash-up of catchment prevent waterlogging. (Huang Lingyan of reporter of Mei continent daily)