Dispatch of Pu cropland net Yesterday, the reporter learns from substation of beautiful island public security, according to mechanism of ranking public security ” Kunlun ” the working requirement of the action, this bureau was begun ” the shoe takes the holiday that make carry out ” break the law special consolidate the operation, score a victory in the first game, demolish feature of shelter of the one shoe that make a holiday.

On July 28, policeman of group of detect of this substation classics receives masses to call the police say: Inside the acting processing factory of export foreign trade that in the town that make the same score the sea Huang Mou runs, produce sham sneaker illegally. Receive alarm hind, to confirm the dependability of clew origin, police soldiers divides a road to begin reconnoiter at the same time, some policemans enter a shoe undertake inside the factory ” visit normally ” , discover clew in the dark; Some policemans are masked the condition observes in shoe factory periphery into masses, reinforce of wait for one’s chance acts. That day afternoon, policeman of police station of this group combination, assist alarm, enter shoe factory to control Huang Mou of plant area controller, hunt down sham sneaker on the spot many pairs 5000, close down use 1 at shoemaking equipment of production, experience record amount makes an appointment with more than yuan 70.

As we have learned, huang Mou of 50 years old presses down Shan Xingcun’s person to make the same score the sea this year. To earn more profit, he produces the partial equipment instead of the production line inside processing factory of him shoe line of business sham sneaker. Classics trial, he confesses to his illegal behavior

Without concealing anything, active turn over to the higher authorities 100 thousand yuan illegal earning. Current, huang Mou is suspected of selling the commodity blame of sham registered trade mark to be detained by criminal of beautiful island police, the case is in farther cognizance. (Zhoujinzan of Wu Weifeng of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter)