Dispatch of Pu cropland net on July 23, “Center of media of be in harmony of Li town court of justice ” uncover a card formally to hold water, it is system of our city court first ” center of media of be in harmony ” .

Publicize the effect to promote judicatory further, advance construction of center of media of be in harmony, court of people of Li the city zone and Li the city zone appoint center of media of be in harmony of the city zone of propagandist department, Li with ” resource is shared, the dominant position is complementary, common development ” for the principle, use ” court + center of media of area be in harmony ” establish cooperative pattern in all, the judicatory news such as case of typical case of thorough mining court publicizes material, the advantage such as resource of channel of agency of center of media of be in harmony of have the aid of, professional, big data, make be in harmony of fluctuation be well versed in, platform connect, the entire media law with expedite channel publicizes pattern, for law Li city innovation development builds grumous atmosphere. From promotion of general law conduct propaganda, video, judicatory open, news is released, sectional linkage, data is shared, 10 respects such as platform conformity, have depth

Cooperate, produce respective advantage adequately, implementation law publicizes effect optimization.

Henceforth, this center will deepen judicatory conduct propaganda and development of media efforts confluence ceaselessly, adamantine advance judicatory masses of open, response is deeply concerned, aggrandizement position consciousness, promote this courtyard judicatory effectively the announce inside conduct propaganda and outside announce, inside be in harmony and outside the union of be in harmony develops, the transmission force that promotes this courtyard judicatory propagandist work in the round, lead force of force, consequence, public letter, let judicatory energy is delivered have interest more, make judicatory thematic transmission is more exalted. (Shan of Fu Wei of Xu Aiqiong of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter)