The graph is ” lily magnolia brook ” MV leaves take the spot. Cai Hao of reporter of Mei continent daily is photographed

Dispatch of Pu cropland net yesterday early morning, after heavy rain passes, the lily magnolia Bei with drizzly misty rain, relaxed all the more, one leaf smalls boat to delimit gently in scull of the paddle on brook face, extensive removes dimple. Actor of song of famous movie and TV calls Pu record noisy between Lin Jinfeng brook ” lily magnolia brook ” . From this, this year group of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of Pu cropland city visits go up to be sung those who have one’s moment is former achieve song ” lily magnolia brook ” MV was pulled open film formally prelusive.

Head the station films the dot chooses alive bound to irrigate Bei of project bequest magnolia. One big early, the play staff enters the arena, debug each equipment, seek optimal seat number, to film ready-made. Be informed the MV that is propagandist magnolia brook, labour of a around old rudder risks rain, obligation comes help. Friendship is aided act still have happy in 4 of Pu hand, they perform beat of Bei Si, cello, Africa, lute respectively, go up in the dam head with rapid flow with the Lin Jinfeng of spiccato guitar, synthesize ” lily magnolia brook ” quartet.

The Tang Meijuan of spiccato lute comes from Mei continent island, this name is taken ” Mei ” delicate Mei continent female it is teacher of music of Pu Tian Bazhong, attend MV to film for the first time. She says, mei continent island and lily magnolia brook are Pu Tian important calling card, xi Jinping’s secretary-general cares Pu Tian’s zoology to protect very, especially the administers He Meizhou island zoology of lily magnolia brook is protected, let embalm of Pu field people. As Mei continent islander, participate in conduct propaganda of lily magnolia brook, inheritance zoology is civilized, times feeling is honoured.

” lily magnolia brook ” MV is directed by Chen Tianai of famous TV producer. She ever directed those who had filmed famous singer Gao Feng is sung ” big China ” etc. ” lily magnolia brook ” the story that song comes home through a boy far away from home, with ” brook ” with ” love ” two masterstroke interweave a boy far away from home’s blazing to maternal river affection, camera lens follows the boy far away from home’s footstep, from civil path, business line, aqueduct another visions, the Pu Xianwen such as the culture of countryside of Lin Shui of the Li since series connection, Mom ancestor, art that be not involuntary discharge of urine expends resource, brook of ceremony assist magnolia, with this Xiang Hai inside and outside recommends Mom ancestor birthplace, in publicizing high quality development to surmount ” project of business of outstanding and open action, aggrandizement is driven ” Pu Tianxin figure, to continue to hold a title countrywide civilized town is endowed with can. It is reported, the play staff switchs on the mobile phone in lily magnolia Bei hind, head for forest belt of litchi of affluent of lily magnolia brook, hind yellow community films, lay a foundation project of prevent or control flood of focusing magnolia brook island of dot, Mei continent


In the Lin Jinfeng with grown bank of lily magnolia brook, having special situation reason to maternal river. He performs art scope progress for a long time in Beijing, sing TV theme song ” birthplace is in seaside ” award of Ceng Huojin eagle, join the work sheet such as the movie and TV that act to obtain ” 5 one ” project award amounts to 17.

For thorough and stereo conduct propaganda Xi Jinping’s secretary-general administers the important concept of lily magnolia brook, accelerate media deepness confluence to develop with rolling out work of media of major theme be in harmony to lead, assist construction of civilized town of force whole nation, company of Mei continent daily invites collect folk songs of domestic a person of academic or artistic distinction, creation ” lily magnolia brook ” song. Lin Jinfeng is taken an active part in, this year January, he attends group of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of Pu Tian city to visit, head sing ” lily magnolia brook ” , arouse enthusiastic echo. Song is sung in Beijing and other places hind, cause industry attention. The great period theme that Chentian of Beijing celebrated director loves to like this song very and graceful and restrained, pure and fresh, fashionable show strength, join in the director films MV. And after song travels, arouse numerous and outer villager to think of countryside to love countryside feelings, your kind effort of chamber of commerce of company of Beijing Pu field supports ” lily magnolia brook ” MV films.

As we have learned, ” lily magnolia brook ” MV pats produce a film to make after finishing, will be on new media of company of Mei continent daily head hair, wait in platform of countrywide famous network broadcast. (Zhu Zhimin of Huang Lingyan of reporter of Mei continent daily)