The house of gold jewelry culture that is located in north to be pressed down high with ” the boat adds treasure ” to design a concept, shirt-sleeve ” ship ” and ” gold dollar treasure ” appearance characteristic, look from the exterior be exactly like ” gold bird’s nest ” . Cai Hao of reporter of Mei continent daily is photographed

Come day after day, gold price rises ceaselessly, broke through historical apogee. To company of jewelry of our city gold, be good luck or challenge? Normalization epidemic situation is prevented dominate period, industry of jewelry of gold of industry of our city characteristic, how should think of again change? Yesterday, the reporter undertakes seek by inquiry —

Gold price waves all the way red

N/arc drafting: Liu Zhihao

During epidemic situation, many industries are affected, but to gold, the impetus that rise is just as gold itself, golden very dazzling. On July 27, golden price achieves prep above the history of 1940 dollars is new tall, broke through the 1920 dollars history that achieved 2011 to be nodded high. Early on July 28 dish trade period of time, gold of merchandise on hand is climbed successively litre, rise to 1980 dollars / ounce upper part, touch 2000 dollars / ounce.

The fundamental gold price of Chinese gold 397.6 yuan from July 17 / gram, all the way violent wind rises 435 yuan of July 28 / gram, a red. “Experience after gold steeped fall 2013, this is come 7 years gold price is top. ” Wang Huimin of general manager of branch of cropland of Pu of 66 blessing group says frankly, gold steeped fall 2013 to lowest 270 yuan / gram left and right sides, caused tide of a big scare buying, some closer year although pick up somewhat, but never reach so high point. After epidemic situation happening, gold is in perch to move all the time, although among have a few times drop, but rebound rapid, the price is held out high, break through 400 yuan finally / the gram closes greatly.

Mention the account that gold rises in price, wang Huimin thinks, suffer new coronal epidemic situation to spread, the element influence such as heavy goods price and wave motion of global stock market, capital market fund avoids danger demand is pressing, gold avoids danger function is chased after hold in both hands, because this gold trades,the volume rises considerably cause price when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation.

In addition, drive golden price to go up situation the main factor that cannot hold back is dollar exhausted soft is anxious to what the dollar depreciates. Because international gold price uses dollar valuation, present a dollar to go up normally, gold drops and the dollar falls, the converse and interactive relation that gold rises. Dollar exchange rate drops to often accompanying inflation, stock market low fan etc, at this moment the function keeping a cost of gold was reflected come out, rise in price for gold then created active macroscopical environment.

Bullion headgear has valence not to have city

The graph buys gold act the role ofing to taste in jeweller’s for the client, integral business shows cold and cheerless slightly. Lin Xiaoling is photographed

The price waves all the way red, so is market of jewelry of Pu cropland gold how a picture?

On July 28 morning, in the urban document road that store of gold jewelry jewelry gathers, the fascia such as blessing gem is very 66 happiness gem, China prosperous gem, marked Saturday. Although be by day, inside inn still open all lamplight, act the role of variously article below lamplight illuminate Yi Yi is born brightness. Compare with photograph of the environment inside brilliant and bright inn, the client of store of many gold jewelry jewelry is very few however, show cold and cheerless slightly.

“Golden price is rising ceaselessly, the price of gold jewelry also is in climb litre. ” old man of chief inspector of operation of brand of gem of Pu Tian Huachang Introduction Wei strong, gold jewelry quoted on July 29 440 yuan / gram left and right sides, rise as raw material, although compress profit space to let benefit give customer ceaselessly, but everyday gold jewelry price is in with 6-7 yuan / the rate of the gram rises.

“Rise in price, may not is meddlesome. ” Wang Huimin expresses, the gold of 99.9% acts the role of purity article, quoted on July 24 423 yuan / gram, quote already amounted to 444 yuan on July 28 / gram. Although gold rises in price,mean include the fixed assets such as inventory to appreciate, but the profit that place of store of gold jewelry jewelry generates is to come from at sale, also mean trade to just can generate profit only. Gold jewelry rises in price, bring about many consumer to hold wait-and-see attitude to flinch, trade the forehead glides apparent.

“The current situation is industry of whole gold jewelry is in the state that valence does not have city. ” Weng Wei says by force, the cost that rises in price to also let an industry open new store raises, slow down the speed of patulous market.

Wind of the sale on gold line rises

Not only gold rises in price brought challenge, still have the impact that epidemic situation gives, in two sides converging attack, gold jewelry industry what course to follow?

The new coronal of the arise suddenly at the beginning of 2020 is pneumonic epidemic situation brings huge impact to retail trade market, originally lively Spring Festival consumes season at a draught quiet rise. Gem category does not belong to gold to choose consumable surely, get epidemic situation consequently the effect is opposite bigger.

“Industry of jewelry of jewelry of Pu cropland gold is during epidemic situation integral sale glided 30%-70% left and right sides, our shop also has glide apparently. ” Wang Huimin says, 66 happiness gem founds 2007, development shares inn of 30 self-supporting doors up to now, besides Pu Tian’s native land 7 doors inn, embattle of major door inn is in and other places of Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, epidemic situation spreads inside countrywide limits, the impact is bigger.

Not come singly but in pairs, inn of 9 of China prosperous gem self-supporting doors also is in this epidemic situation experienced an acid test. “During epidemic situation, person discharge decreases the sale that causes us to glide suddenly. ” Weng Wei is strong express, epidemic situation is a test, gold rises is a chance, traditional gold jewelry industry needs change to manage train of thought, perhaps can encounter opportunity of survival in corner.

Think of tiredly change, wind of the sale on gold line rises.

Last year the beginning of the year, 66 happiness gem layout day cat inn, and open up on many lines child brand. During epidemic situation, hypostatic inn is encountered below the line tired, original main battlefield falls from the line turn to the line. “Our open up client of 100 many small letters group, established direct seeding of open of electric trade department, the turnover on the line is highest during epidemic situation achieve 50% the left and right sides, alleviated effectively predicament. ” Wang Huimin says, leave fractionize market through the line on product line, will new retail as shirt-sleeve as the tradition, ultimate goal is have resource rate do big, passenger source channel increases.

The new agitation of direct seeding and collision of traditional gold jewelry give scintilla. Weng Wei says by force, although the sale on the line is occupied smaller, but did not come in what can foreknow, the demand on the line nots allow to ignore. China prosperous gem begins direct seeding during epidemic situation, kill through the second on the line, reveal on the line waited for means to attract a vermicelli made from bean starch, remedied the hypostatic inn sale is less problem below the line not only, also let sell limits to expand from Pu cropland mainland countrywide each district.

No matter the line gets offline,go up sale, to have more market, the innovation of the product is very main. 66 happiness gem was initiated ” 5G gold ” , have the brightness of 18K gold and hardness not only, still hold the purity that has gold concurrently, very suffer a youth to love. In the meantime, the company returns additional monarch way, use pure handiwork to make golden way, research and development of a series of palace styles have the Gufajin that collects value to act the role of article. China prosperous gem begins to pay attention to whole class to develop, in an attempt to attracts customer more extensively, have broader market.

Wang Huimin introduces, although gem category does not belong to gold to choose consumption surely, but marriage celebrate the market, gem consumption remains gold to just needed, predict this part consumes demand to be able to be given after be being delayed to epidemic situation to end, release. As 10 marriage celebrated the traditional festival arrival such as section of the seventh evening of the seventh moon and Jin Jiuyin to restore of the market stage by stage August, the warmth that perhaps belongs to gold jewelry industry is met as scheduled and to.

Characteristic industry transition upgrades

Gold rises in price of the challenge is an enterprise not only, to the industry also be ” baptism ” . Face a challenge, the industry of jewelry of Pu cropland gold of battle-scarred already can be in indifferently.

Without golden mine, can rise abruptly in saline land however bullion city, this is the portraiture that our city north presses down high, also be Pu Tian of the person that make gold struggle history. Up to 2019, north presses down the manufacturing agency that pursues trade of gold jewelry headgear in countrywide each district high to exceed 20 thousand, year sale 200 billion yuan of above, 1/3 what occupy countrywide gem to sell amount, already formed those who spread all over the whole nation to produce, exhibit, sell the development chain that is an organic whole and broad global market to sell a network, development becomes the gold jewelry of our city characteristic


Dozen ” gold ” still need oneself hard. Chamber of commerce of a person of same business of jewelry of jade of jewelry of Pu cropland town carries out Weng Wenbing of president of group of chairman, 66 blessing to express, good luck and challenge always coexist, every special period, it is opportunity that enterprise and even whole industry think and adjusts management train of thought. Below new normal state, the Pu cropland business that chamber of commerce of a person of same business of jewelry of jade of jewelry of Pu cropland town conducts home to pursue gold jewelry trade blends in new concept ceaselessly, means of change new sale, active pull wires builds the bridge to seek relevant side to support policy, solve financing difficult problem to wait. Guide an enterprise to walk along a brand to change a course at the same time, transition upgrades form collect to design research and development, production to make, reveal trade, brand operation, examine detect and the whole industry catenary that relevant form a complete set is an organic whole, do one’s best is effective beat back risk.

The industry tries hard, the government sends force. Come for years, municipal Party committee, municipal government gives aid to energetically to gold jewelry industry, scientific plan, catenary of industry of jewelry of ceaseless and outspread gold, the way that the gold industry that started to have Pu cropland distinguishing feature develops, be like,formed Hua Chang, 66 happiness, be in love with, the whole nation such as predestined relationship of building of gold of an affectionate couple, treasure’s well-known gold jewelry trademark, gold jewelry industry had formed brand and assemble effect.

Be in personally ” cold winter ” , but spring always can come. Group of industry of jewelry of gold of our city ceaseless blow develops ” build up date ” , through high starting point program, high level is built, advantage of resource of place of base oneself upon, build small town of characteristic of jewelry of boreal high gold, be included to save small town of the 2nd batch of characteristic to found list. Small town will with gem ” produce, learn, grind, carry out ” for the theme, buckle an industry closely to upgrade advocate direction, build jewelry of gold of industrial innovation mode, construction to do poineering work new platform, implementation characteristic small town ” produce, city, person, article ” quaternity develops, form the modern industry group that machines travel of design of originality of culture of trade, gem, gem, gem to be core with gold jewelry headgear, all-around competition ability of industry of promotion gold jewelry.

After epidemic situation alleviates, everythings on earth anabiosises. Rise in gold in sound, experience puts fire on the ice a few gold jewelry industries of heavy season, also be sure still flowery blossom.

Gold invests little common sense

Gold is in 20 centuries are universal money before 70 time, still occupy position in the international reserve of each country at present, it is one kind has the special merchandise of monetary property, commodity attribute and financial attribute at the same time.

The unit of measurement of gold: The gold on international is unit of measurement with ounce, namely dollar / ounce, chinese gold is unit of measurement with the gram, namely RMB / gram, hong Kong gold with minister two for unit of measurement, namely Hongkong dollar / minister 2.

Conversion formula is: 1 ounce =31.1035 is overcome

1 minister two =37.4285 gram

It is calculative bourse with ounce: London, new York, Chicago

In order to overcome the bourse for computational unit: Exchange of Chinese Shanghai gold

With minister the two bourse that are computational unit: Field of commerce of Hong Kong bullion

(Lin Xiaoling of reporter of Mei continent daily)