This policeman delay time does census register business for masses.

Should be begun compressed change patrol, guardianship masses is restful.

□ Mei continent Xie Qingsheng of daily reporter Xu Aiqiong’s reporter Zheng Min article / pursue

Jiao police station has been hit continuously east civilian ” assorted fist ” , dispute of seasonable mediate contradiction, punish severely of all kinds illegal crime lawfully, let masses have more acquisition feeling and safe feeling; this year first quarter ” execute the law satisfactory rate ” list whole area the first, whole town the 6th.

This year first quarter ” execute the law satisfactory rate ” list whole area the first, whole town the 6th, to police station of Dong Jiao of substation of beautiful island public security, this since ” delay time serves ” ” compressed change make one’s rounds to prevent ” ” add up to detect to be defeated quickly ” the overlay effect that waits for act of a series of the people’s livelihood to bring, more it is this exploration with the person ” the people’s livelihood alarm Wu ” obtained positive result.

Dong Jiao police station serves as actively, take on responsible, with ” the people’s livelihood alarm Wu ” for baton, it is core in order to serve the people’s livelihood, with ” achieve satisfaction ” for carrier, bend affection is made service alarm Wu. Since this year, this many arrange develops simultaneously, punish severely of all kinds illegal crime lawfully, dispute of seasonable mediate contradiction, the service ensures answer of go back to work to produce, advance deep ” the people’s livelihood alarm Wu ” normalization, essence is refined, had hit continuously civilian ” assorted fist ” , masses had more acquisition feeling and safe feeling, alarm civilian the relationship is even more harmonious.

“Warm heart ” service civilian benefit civilian

Student Lin Mou is parents of not legitimate Yo, and the mother goes out to be not contacted for years, bring about its to not have be born card, all the time cannot settle. Know after this one circumstance, policeman of Jiao police station intervenes east, farther understanding is informed poverty of Lin Mou family, problem of registered permanent residence became her ” the heart writtens guarantee ” .

Place and place of this appraisal of constant letter judicatory are communicated harmonious, strive for for Lin Mou decrease close child appraisal charge, reduce domestic economy burden. The policeman takes home of move forest some to fill to Ou Weijian bureau do be born card, deal with settle for its quickly.

Since 2019, what should organize policeman development school, one by one checks a student to bring up circumstance of person information, settle, deal with settle formalities in time clearly to the circumstance. Up to now, already fulfilled settle 263 people, solve rate amount to 90% above.

This is Dong Jiao police station advances the people’s livelihood alarm an epitome of Wu. In recent years, this intention looks for job of accurate public security and the union that serve the people’s livelihood to nod, serve as actively, establish perfect new mechanism, farther promotion serves consciousness, handle affairs through simplifying program, optimize civilian measure, improve work efficiency, satisfaction of ceaseless promotion masses is spent.

This aggrandizement handles affairs process ” 0 protracted ” , the business that already accepted to according with a condition that day deals with ending; to encounter next time to still masses did not do knot procedure that day entirely, executive delay time serves, ensure do a form that day, discharge the suffering that rushs about back and forth. In the meantime, enlightened ” green passageway ” , old person of disadvantageous to the action orphans and widows, disabled is offerred come to deal with, make an appointment deal with, extend the service such as office hours.

On July 6 17 when 45 minutes, window of this census register receives one citizen telephone call, say its son morrow is about the university entrance exam, lose id card carelessly in road taking a car however, and the person fors reference in school insecurity of the urban district, cannot deal with to police station temporarily Id. After understanding a situation, the policeman helps its pay cost first immediately, inform carry relevant data. Policeman delay time is dealt with for its, after half hour, this citizen took its son temporarily dweller Id, thanks again and again.

civilian service frequency adds new move. This aggrandizement is communicated seek advice ” 0 distances ” , make great efforts from detail, carry out ” active, enthusiastic, smile, satisfactory ” service, add in census register window rest chair, water machine, make form of example of conduction census register, announce handle affairs program, condition and form of of all kinds application, offer more convenient, considerate real time to seek advice from a service for masses. Aggrandizement serves quality ” 0 accident ” , establish evaluation book, let handle affairs masses makes an assessment in time to accepting the policeman’s job, supervise the window effectively to serve qualitative effect, accomplish service government hard 0 complain, service quality 0 accident.

“Diligent heart ” make one’s rounds is prevented efficient deal with

At present, jiao town becomes a lot of enterprises to invest the hot earth that starts line of business east, stream of people

, grow in quantity of content shedding, wagon flow. In Dong Jiao industrial garden area, go up when the garden area such as area of treatment of pond gem city, lumber and circumjacent road are visited, many masses tell a reporter, there is a people’s police everyday on the street now patrolling, common people heart is installed.

Civilian be longed for, alarm be moved. “We last aggrandizement public security is on guard, strengthen road surface to patrol, perfect plan, utmost will alarm force is placed in street face, cogent raise your opinion alarm rate of rate, be in charge. ” Jiang Meng of assistant director of Dong Jiao police station introduces, they are scientific and reasonable differentiate patrol a section of a highway, undertake interrogate and examine lawfully to doubtful personnel, car and article, awe, precaution, check, investigate of all kinds illegal criminality, and to edge street safety of conduct propaganda of business door masses is on guard wait for basic knowledge, elevate law of masses of area under administration consciousness and safe consciousness.

“Compressed change patrol ” make the edge tool that upholds public order, also become civilian the new normal state of act. Through compressed change patrol, the policeman helps difficult masses in time, be in especially receive be lost of cause an accident of cause trouble of invigorative obstacle patient, child to wait appeal alarm when affection, intervene directly deal with. To public security administer appeal alarm affection, do good processing for a short while.

This town smalls piece of land surrounded by water the villager signs up for Lincunyi counter scale, its son contracts depressed disease, yu Lingchen runs away from home, send its to cut wrist picture in friend circle. Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, what should organize whole place alarm force combines communal video, the place that appears possibly finally to this villager son undertakes be searchinged in the round searching, be in finally anew propose building site 24 are found, discover artifice of its left hand has cut mark. The policeman sends his in time to hospital cure. This efficient deal with, do not find party to 40 minutes, masses thankses to this.

Alarm force follows popular wishes to go, service the people’s livelihood ” 0 distances ” . This mature alarm force is deployed, alarm the circumstance such as pattern of mutual affection cloth, science is reasonable differentiate patrol a section of a highway, cogent raise your opinion alarm rate of rate, be in charge, effective awe criminal, exalt the happiness of masses feeling and safe feeling. Begin oneself compressed change since patrolling, collect alarm go up in the road, receive alarm on board, piece alarm order bit righter, part alarm fast accurate essence, make the reduction of this policeman normal, to found restful harmony Dong Jiao lays a foundation.

Patrolling in the process, compressed change patrol group general is entered daily door visit, legal conduct propaganda, lash-up is in dash forward wait for each job to blend in go in, sound program, tall effectiveness alarm, promotion policeman patrols the utilization rate of time. Have the aid of patrols, the member that traffic advise is held the position of in key place and key period of time and school are protected learn hillock, ensure traffic order and student safety, help difficult masses in time, pay attention to civilian benefit civilian service, the safe feeling that exalts masses effectively and satisfaction are spent.

“Attentive ” detect form resultant force

Restful, it is the main demand that masses lives and work in peace and contentment, also be the necessary safeguard that economic society develops.

Masses calls the police say, dong Jiao presses down some timber industry inside limited company plant area, one honour Mom ancestor resemble going up pensile jade necklace by pilfer, value makes an appointment with 500 thousand yuan. Receive after reporting a case to the security authorities, synthesis of substation of combination of Jiao police station fights east center, after passing the successive analysis of 2 days that feel a platoon, by an only clue, track down by following clues, seize the guilty suspect Jiang Mou that is suspected of stealing jade smoothly, recover by pilfer necklace. The victim will imprint have ” good police of amazingly quick of crack a criminal case, break and regain warm popular feeling ” silk banner sends in policeman hand, acknowledgment redeems pecuniary loss for him.

“Substation height takes seriously ‘ add up to detect to be defeated quickly ‘ this one mechanism, fill strong force of detect of my place punishment. ” police inspector Lin Hong introduces Dong Jiao, chance is with this in place, keep severe from beginning to end to of all kinds and active crime make high-pressured state, increase capacity of investigation crack a criminal case, strive for big case to be defeated quickly, small table is much brokener, blow and make sb disgorge the spoils are collateral, utmost reduces masses loss. This year first quarter, whole place establishs case of of all kinds criminal 33 cases in all, detect 16 cases, crack a criminal case is led 48.5% , rise compared to the same period 7.4% , redeem pecuniary loss for masses nearly 600 thousand yuan.

Add up to detect to be defeated quickly, hold together is restful. This place is received alarm hind start quickly ” add up to detect to be defeated quickly ” mechanism, add up to detect to defeat a center quickly to form join forces to launch investigation with the area, promote make sb disgorge the spoils of crack a criminal case new efficiency in the round. Grind definitely through essence of life sentence after affirming guilty suspect stay is nodded, expedite civilian clothes quickly to capture group, check quickly crime. Handle a case the policeman is firm establish ” check namely, fast broken, fast make sb disgorge the spoils ” concept, in crack a criminal case while make sb disgorge the spoils pulls caustic, utmost recovers a loss, the response suffers those who kill masses to expect.

According to introducing, the public security case that because land dispute is caused,Dong Jiao presses down is more, if be not handled quickly, the likelihood brings about dispute to upgrade. To solve this one difficult problem, should be applied ” day Qing Dynasty, week is checked, the month writtens guarantee ” public security case deals with a mechanism quickly. Begin from 2019, severe the public security case that because dispute is caused,stresses is dealt with, join a class everyday ” bask in ” public security did not written guarantee case, supervise and urge the case obtains evidence working; weekly regular meeting ” bright ” obtain evidence plan, right the case is dealt with last week obtain evidence the circumstance undertakes checking; every months regular meeting ” knot ” the case handles a case, day Qing Dynasty, week is checked, the month writtens guarantee scroll undertakes. This year first quarter, hear the public security case that causes because of contradictory dispute 130 cases in all, already did a form 120 cases at present, rate doing a form 92.3% , major case is handled quickly inside 24 hours.

To the of all kinds case that dispute causes, should dissolve contradiction to give priority to a line so, fast conduction; cannot dissolve in time, cadre of seasonable connection village, town intervenes dissolve, not shuffle, do not dispute over trifles, from resolve small contradiction, dissolve small issue, eliminate proceed with of little hidden danger, utmost dissolves of all kinds and contradictory dispute, build stable, stable, harmonious society environment.