Substation of public security of the city proper and areas just outside its gates of dispatch of Pu cropland net is uncovered inside a month ” two cars ” by pilfer case 35, recover by steel car 32, average 1 day recovers 1, arrest guilty suspect 34.

As summer air temperature lift gradually, autocycle, electric car is light easy travel, to it corresponding is number of record of hair of this kinds of case also rises somewhat. Only in June since the middle ten days of a month, area of the city proper and areas just outside its gates ” two cars ” be risen by pilfer rate 10.6% . For further keep within limits the ascendant impetus of this kinds of case, police of the city proper and areas just outside its gates is increased ” add up to detect to be defeated quickly ” strength. Through arranging the theft of near future happening the case discovers, in urban and rural union village of ministry, dweller, public wait around by the electric car of pilfer

, autocycle case is highlighted particularly. The policeman says, uncover ” two cars ” tickler is not below condition of nowadays be been in by pilfer case, move from substation especially ” add up to detect to be defeated quickly ” since the mechanism, this kind of case can be uncovered in time quickly not only, and great majority can be recovered for owner of lost property inside 24 hours by steel car, reduce a loss. This kind of case that invade money by enroach on group extensive, and rate of overall hair record has marked ascendant tendency in the near future, had done small table detect to prevent working since to respond to the significant move that people expects, also be to fulfil execute the law for civilian, the inevitable demand that ensures the people’s livelihood.

The policeman expresses, the person much person such as trade square, hospital, supermarket, food market’s miscellaneous place, or the storage battery car of the place park such as lane of the village with poor establishment of guard against theft, alleyway is the easiest by pilfer. Thief steals a car now, clamp of useful hydraulic pressure destroys a lock, have fiddle with from car head directly next power supply cord, want a few seconds 10 only can spirit away a car, more convenient than stealing a bicycle. From the point of experience of make sb disgorge the spoils, if individual and society are on guard,measure reachs the designated position, case of suffer loss by theft of autocycle, electric car can drop at least two into the left and right sides.

The policeman reminds, if have the village of property, simple and easy and effective method is car pass in and out ” get still get stuck ” system. The individual had better deserve to install guard against theft to call the police for electric car establishment, after jockeying, open its. Go out when handling affairs, the park that attends to car place in somebody as far as possible is nodded, or it is monitoring range inside. When wanting to be in electric car place the place of unmanned guard act against one’s will, lock up car and fixity together with the lock as far as possible, choose the place that oneself or passerby see easily, be sure to keep in mind to want to unplug car key fall and appropriate is custodial. (Wu Weifeng of reporter of Mei continent daily)