“Aunt, control weeds grows to La Mei special key. ” yesterday, in end of Western Paradise of Li the city zone the town issues village to build archives to establish card the La Mei of poverty door Luo Jincan cultivates base in, village farming ability member the field management after Chen Dongfei is coaching Luo Jincan wife undertakes La Mei plucks (the) that be like a graph.

Village issueing is located in 9 Mount Hua to the foot of a hill or mountain, it is Li the city zone an out-of-the-way impoverished village, also be provincial village of key of work of the development that help deficient up, whole village is mutual build archives to establish calorie of poverty door 9. In recent years, in government of Party Committee of all levels of Li the city zone give aid to below, base oneself upon of village issueing is actual, produce area distinguishing feature, positive development helps deficient industry. Last year October, luo Jincan is below the help of the cadre that help deficient up, introduced 400 from the other place ” La Meiyi date ” seedling of La Mei fruit undertakes cultivating. Through conserve of nearly one year, blossom and bear fruit smoothly this year, pluck in all La Mei many kilograms 300, income is close 2

000 yuan. To ensure La Mei can high yield bumper harvest, help what deficient cadre gives poverty door to offer major not only up to cultivate instructor, still contact sale channel of development La Mei with all possible means, the help solves sale problem, make La Mei truly become ” the fruit that take off deficient ” , produce actual beneficial result.

Next, village issueing plans to enlarge La Mei to cultivate dimensions, drive more masses, drive make it of blue berry industry a mountainous area take off deficient to become rich ” big industry ” . (Hejin gives birth to piece of Yu Zhouwen / graph)