Author of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns yesterday, celestial being swims the county builds extensive market of safeguard of resurgent hog production supplies mechanism of working joint meeting, leave no stone unturned accelerates hog production to restore to develop.

Pork is essential agriculture products, also be the flesh with main common people kind consumable. This this county built entire county to restore live pig to produce safeguard market to supply joint meeting system, strengthen what produce the job to restoring live pig to direct chime to move as a whole. Joint meeting needs according to the job fixed or nonsked hold, call together by total convener or convener, make clear the conference with summary form agreed item, print and distribute each villages and towns (street) concern an unit each continuously with the county.

This county asks each villages and towns (street) manage a principle according to apanage, carry out fulfil live pig to be produced firmly protect for ” food basket ” the head of a county is in charge of making a demand, responsibility and goal assignment fine

Change decompose specific farm, prefectural government brings into this job ” food basket ” the head of a county is in charge of making assessment, carry out award to punish. Each member unit is strengthened cooperate, clasp, accelerate live pig to resume production, had done jointly protect work for certain price.

(Chen Guomeng)