Dispatch of Pu cropland net on July 30, city city management board organizes personnel to glow of area of the city proper and areas just outside its gates Lin Jie Xia Lin community, advance ” the party is built + ” construction of community neighborhood center.

According to ministry of organization of municipal Party committee, city straight office party is versed in appoint about developing town party of straight office unit organizes a knot to be helped up to the side ” the party is built + ” the announcement arrangement that pilot community leading Party group knits community neighborhood center, party committee of office of city city management board and knot of organization of party of community of pilot community Xia Lin are right. Before this, this bureau already formed community of Xia Lin of survey group development, joint research ” the party is built + ” community neighborhood center plans to set

Plan, the circumstance such as construction operation, hold an informal discussion, collect opinion and proposal. Help responsibility up to the side to implement a form further, this this bureau is opposite ” the party is built + ” circumstance of progress of construction of community neighborhood center undertakes understanding again, combine obligation of urban government job, to the city the canal executes the law force sinks ” 1+2+3 ” made specific arrangement, the spot undertakes grooming to property village chief, build ” gules property ” make specific deploy.

City city management board expresses about chief, advancing community neighborhood center to build is innovation with urban modern processing, the city canal that sink executes the law force and construction ” gules property ” village, must accept the unified leadership that community leading Party group knits, accomplish resource conformity, force conformity, function conformity. Link up with contacts property village, want to solve the problem that masses reflects in time, accomplish ” community blows whistle, the branch reports for duty ” . In the meantime, directive property village builds leading Party group to knit, constituent line of business appoint company of meeting, property do good village to serve government jointly, fulfil ” 1+3+5 ” working mechanism, innovation government serves a level, make what do not go ” gules work group ” . Regard the party that the knot supports to the side as the organization, will communicate a butt joint actively, help program of high starting point of glow forest community, high level is built, begin according to 5 stars standard found. (Huang Lingyan of reporter of Mei continent daily)