Distance urban district is less than the car Cheng of half hour, one cries ” half float is unripe ” tea courtyard. Green hill of tea courtyard back, look out east Zhen reservoir, a wall, a door, of short duration letting a person fastens city blatant, between water of lovemaking Yu Shan, read make tea, can friendly carouse.

Yesterday, the author comes to seek by inquiry of this tea courtyard. Push the wooden door of massiness, the green banboos inside the courtyard sways, Chan of running water Chan, fujian upstairs sends the red brick of two white walls of the style to hanging red light basket. Inside house, debus a day of tired urbanite 35 accompany and sit, everybody is in wave in the wind tea is sweet in the fun that experiences the life. Master Lin Jianhui tells tea courtyard the author: “At 78 o’clock night is tea courtyard when the guest is most, these guests are Pu cropland native for the most part, also have what come from afar from the other place. Also have what come from afar from the other place..

3 years ago, the schoolboy of this yearning and satisfied life abandoned pursueing old jewel trade, answer Pu from the other place. He sees the environment with beautiful reservoir of middle east Zhen, circling reservoir to had climbed another hilltop, with

time of large half an year just finds village of Chang Taizhen loose peak this one eye shot the civilian house with open, relatively easy communication. Net of fulgurite of water of blueprint paper, laid, grow a flower to plant tree, order about dish of display, research is tasted… from do not have have, pour into of heart tea courtyard he makes oversensitive blood, he himself assumes the big petty thing inside the courtyard. “Tea courtyard resembles his child, be raised every day by me big, the sort of achievement feeling makes me infatuate. ” between conversation, what there is Tibet not to live on his face is happy.

Arrive from early morning eventide, no matter rain or Tian Qing, tea courtyard is in all the year round in present a different picturesque view, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave making a person. “One’s whole life one two-men, half drunk wake partly half float is unripe. ” Lin Jianhui says, “Half float is unripe ” this name originates of accept Lan Xingde ” draw hall spring ” . In China tradition culture, water Man Zeyi, person avoid flourishing, should Chang Le of content with one’s lot. He hopes the person to tea courtyard can taste a cup of tea, let all vexed to clear.

The graph grows beautiful earth soil in tea courtyard for Lin Jianhui.

Trainee of Mei continent daily Chen Yixian article / graph