Dispatch of Pu cropland net recently, city explains to public contingent walks into limited company of glass of Hua Xing of Fujian Great Wall, begin ” contingent argue ” activity, make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly to lecture and study of company staff announce.

“Syncretic of knowing and doing wants in study, in the join or be admitted to the party of ideal pursuit be in harmony the individual and national enterprise, ability is more significant. ” city explains to public Chen Jianyong of vice secretary of Party committee of office of bureau of company of person of member of contingent model team, city around ” do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, learn to be realized greatly fully, syncretic of knowing and doing ” theme, with straightaway language, illuminate the scientific connotation of thought of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era and mental essence. At the same time thorough workshop, workshop, combine content of person agency work, send the handbill through cent, explain to public face-to-face wait for means (if pursue) , wait for the policy measure of the related side for relationship of social security of our city of company staff introduction, working.

“This class dried food and nuts is full today, let me have deeper understanding and knowledge to new idea not only, also understood a lot of with oneself personal and relevant policy. ” maintenance of this company mechanical facilities is versed in Zhu Yongliang says, new plant of near future company is about to ignite put into production, regard a basic level as employee, oneself love tree prison hillock to respect concept of course of study, study a technique assiduously, master new facility, ensure new plant is successful put into production, the development that is an enterprise and the implementation effort that are worth from social status go all out in work.

It is reported, city explains to public contingent model line shares 10 members, basically wait for composition by pattern of various morality model, model worker, industry. In recent years, they show body argue, with beside example is told beside thing, beside the person waits for means beside typical drive, develop the mental quality and style that the touching achievement with advanced fresh and vivid type and encourage struggle adequately, expand further set an example lead effect, arouse cadre of broad basic level group

What numerous a secretary in charge of sth does poineering work is enthusiastic. (Ceng Yayan of Chen Zujiang of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter civil / graph)