According to Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on July 31 general office of electric the State Council a few days ago print and distribute ” about supporting much medium of communication the opinion of flexible obtain employment ” (the following abbreviation ” opinion ” ) . ” opinion ” emphasize, individual manage, the obtain employment means that is not the agile diversity such as full-time and configuration of new obtain employment, it is laborer obtain employment adds the important route that control, to widening it is obtain employment new channel, important to breed development new kinetic energy to have action. Should make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China in order to review to be guidance nearly, carry out a party in the round 19 mix 19 greatly 2 medium, 3 medium, 4 in plenary meeting spirit, insist to be development thought of the center with people, support flexible obtain employment serves as steady obtain employment and the significant move that defend dweller take up an occupation, hold to the market leads and governmental guiding pays equal attention to, unlock liven and the standard develops simultaneously in order, take advantage of an opportunity and for, fill neat short board, adjust measures to local conditions, use strategy because of the city, clear the unreasonable limitation that cancels pair of flexible obtain employment, encourage seek oneself profession, own do poineering work, stabilize obtain employment overall situation hammer and tongs.

” opinion ” offer measure of 3 respects policy. It is to widen flexible obtain employment develops channel. Deepen reform of trade issue system continuously, offer convenient and efficient seek advice, register a service. Encourage laborer to establish miniature economy is hypostatic, support develops small shop of of all kinds characteristic, the key group such as personnel of difficulty of worker worker of graduate of unemployed to come off sentry duty personnel, college, peasant, obtain employment is engaged in individual manage, give by the regulation do poineering work assure the policy support such as privilege of loan, taxation, poineering allowance. Increase chance of blame full-time obtain employment, urge blame full-time worker relatively centralized industry lifts qualitative enlarge look, enhance community to serve course of study to induct obtain employment ability. Support develops form of new obtain employment, carry out include careful superintend, accelerate promote a network retail, shift gives the education on travel, line to groom, the industry such as Internet medical treatment, online recreation grows, create post of more and flexible obtain employment.

2 it is to optimize own poineering environment. Strengthen examine and approve administrative service, enlightened industry admittance deals with green passageway, permit to needing to deal with relevant industry admittance, implement much department associated office, one-stop examine and approve. The place that appoints in the government and time sold inside the country are by-product of carry out farming, daily articles for daily use, or the mastery of a skill or technique that the individual uses him is engaged in need not obtaining a license lawfully civilian service activity, need not handle business license. Cancel to involve the administrative career sex of flexible obtain employment to collect fees, ask for urban road to hold cost to occupying those who manage to avoid via approval. Offer low cost space to support, fulfil level sex derate policy of hire of state-owned house property, conditional place can serve community integratedly establishment unused space, blame is necessary office space is transformed to run place freely, preferential offer to key group.

3 it is to increase pair of flexible obtain employment to ensure support. Drive new occupation is released and apply, update a profession to classify, establish new occupation standard in time. Personnel of will flexible obtain employment is brought into do poineering work groom limits, fulfil vocational training by the regulation allowance and during grooming cost-of-living allowance. Bring into information of supply and demand of post of flexible obtain employment communal obtain employment serves limits, release information of supply and demand freely, encourage resource of of all kinds manpower to serve an orgnaization to be offerred for personnel of flexible obtain employment specialization service. Research makes labor of platform obtain employment guarantee policy, correct lawfully default work reward to wait break the law violate compasses act. Increase side of personnel of flexible to difficulty obtain employment to help strength, to according with a condition bring into lowest by the regulation life safeguard, temporarily deliverance limits.

” opinion ” requirement, the place is various people

Government especially government of people of class of city, county wants cogent perform duty of main body of steady obtain employment, promote health of flexible obtain employment to develop. Various places should be strengthened about the branch each supervise and urge executive circumstance of examination and policy is evaluated, ensure personnel of flexible obtain employment is convenient enjoy poineering service of each supportive policy and obtain employment.