Duration midsummer, boreal bank Mom inside Zu Jiankang city, teenager of latent capacity of international of lucky be an official is integrated central project construction is fervent. The wall is decorated outside, outdoor decorate synchronism to undertake, swing arbor, cultivate the land by, the afforest project such as grow bush is sleek, in an orderly way of assault fortified positions of whole project round off.

City town joins a group relevant controller introduces, this project is medium luck establishs diplomatic relations 70 years tribute project

. Height of municipal Party committee, municipal government takes seriously, affirmatory city town casts a group to regard construction as project owner unit. This group brave carries heavy responsibility, hold to a party to build lead, main leader is caught personally, establish project assault fortified positions only class, build project spot to run a department, be stationed a gleam of is harmonious solve a problem. When the project encounters financing difficulty, the group develops innovation, get a country in order to manage type of those representing capital of be in harmony of sexual project loan to open a loan of 296 million yuan of financing for the first time, safeguard project is built smoothly.

This project former planned project duration 2 years, hold in Pu from the congress that shut disease to receive the world, showed time limit for a project to shorten 330 days. Time is close, the task is heavy, the city is cast ” iron army-invincible army ” time limit for a project pouring a platoon, wall map fights, with ” detailed list + system of job responsibility ” ” superintend and director guides + service ” ” on the line + below the line ” mode advances a project to build amain. In the meantime, project innovation adopts synchronous design, synchronous construction, synchronism building, synchronism to check and accept, synchronism is cast with means, if completing work but the immediately after give an official begins work of EPC invite public bidding, during construction is built synchronism undertakes early days formalities is dealt with, ground of project ask forring tears open change to reach use electric application with water temporarily, ensured a project on time be born. Operation unit participated in construction whole process, ensure the investment on project building horse is used. In answering epidemic situation to affect, begin ” the place is bit righter ” special convoy, ” the heart is close ” the service that return hillock, safety of the member that clique special accepts construction person returns hillock, project construction resumes inside short time, for the project at an early date finishing grab opportunity.

The reporter understands, this project always invests about 400 million yuan, the area that use the land makes an appointment with 73 mus, building gross area is 66 thousand square metre about, construction shuts disease examine, cure oneself, teach unifinication the hospital, will guide international is advanced shut disease to diagnose remedial standard, cure to teach shirt-sleeve concept oneself, the help shuts disease little patient to get ameliorative in the respect such as rehabilitation, education oneself. Annual patient of 2000 house examine mixes receivability 500 lodging student, the service is full age paragraph the child.

Current, art of medical treatment of this project 1# and groom service center of family of building of education of center, 2# culture center, 3# , 5# , 6# is accompanied protect multi-purpose building of dormitory, 7# , 8# dormitory of student of green room, 9# (add up to 8) already sealed a top in the round, outside place of wall adornment, central garden makes the same score the whole, form a complete set outdoor to wait enter round off. The project plans complete was finished in August check and accept, will turn over September use, ensure cast as scheduled with.

(Huang Lingyan of reporter of Mei continent daily)