Pu cropland netQuestion comes day after day, control stand of deliverance of contain river area combines service center of the work that aid contain to begin ” contain city has love cool and refreshing one summer ” special operation, roam about in time for what the life is not having cadge personnel offers deliverance to serve, help them spend burning hot summer.

This area deliverance stands the staff member, company that aid contain is versed in and undergraduate volunteers are aimed at mainly everyday advocate street, bazaar, market, park reachs center of the city zone bridge opening roam about cadge personnel focuses section relatively, increase strength of deliverance of go on a tour of inspection, send the sunstroke prevention such as soup of watermelon, gram to drop in temperature for them food, undertake deliverance advise.

In the meantime, staff member of worker of the member that this area still faces community reseau, environmental sanitation, passenger station and public security policeman wait for propagandist deliverance policy, guide social force actively to share deliverance work, use these groups to give evening early to return, active the job in urban market face is unusual

Dot, increase the capacity that deliverance discovers and prevents, care, help is formed to roam about in whole society cadge the good atmosphere of personnel, city of the civilization that help strength is founded. (Lin Yixia of Fang Wei of Mei continent daily)