Yesterday of reporter of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns, the country joins limited company of power of continent bay of cloud top Mei accumulative total electricenergy production broke through 1.762 billion kilowatt hour July, year electricenergy production exceeds 7 billion kilowatt hour, refresh record of electricenergy production of only month of this company throughout history.

Enter since summer, bear of my spare report is climbed ceaselessly litre. From June the middle ten days of a month rises, a standard-sized sheet of firepower of 4 unit of this company, greet ” peak ” and on, carry out strictly greet

Peak estivate concerned policy and the measure that defend report. Moving personnel strengthens check of equipment make one’s rounds, increase hidden trouble and blemish platoon to examine strength, raise inspect dish quality, optimize run mode; Overhaul personnel is all-around undertake to equipment ” feel pulse interrogation ” , increase the constituent strength that spot rush to repair works, ensure aircrew safety, long cycle, high load capacity moves; The organization is begun defend a stand, prevent high temperature, fire, prevent interrupt for coal wait for lash-up beforehand case drilling, raise manufacturing staff lash-up to answer a level. Departmental door good faith cooperates, scientific arrangement generates electricity to purchase a plan with coal fired, make sure electric coal is supplied. (Zheng Jiajing of popular reporter of plum of teach of reporter of Mei continent daily)