Dispatch of Pu cropland net on August 4, the our city is held all-around drive high quality development to surmount meeting of special subject survey.

Fu Dongyang of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, standing deputy mayor attends.

Before this, the our city establishs group of special subject survey, leave for different destinations each county area (canal appoint meeting) open action business, project drives survey, policy of benefit look forward to is fulfilled, the respect circumstance such as safe flood prevention. On the meeting, fu Dongyang listened to survey positive result to report, coordinate the level sex problem that solves current job existence.

Fu Dongyang emphasizes, various and departmental door wants to consolidate thought and operation further all-around drive high quality development to surmount come up, stare at a target closely, carry of try to be the first. Want to highlight open action business, hold to ” a party to an undertaking ” action business, conformity enrols business team lustily, make clear the quantitative index that enrol business, carry specific aim of wise move business, effectiveness, do whole course of start of good project be born to dog service. Want to highlight a project to drive, deepen ” 5 a batch ” the project advances a mechanism, drive project precocity to be built labour, quickly with all one’s strength. Want to highlight double round drive, around ” strong industry, start a city ” the job, make the good industry position, plan that enrol business, plan as a whole industrial assemble development and city are newer. Want to stress innovation of mechanism of garden region system, make program of good space distribution, perfect functional form a complete set, promote confluence yield a city the standard. Want to highlight the battalion business environment that has built, fulfil in time, cash policy of each benefit look forward to, the service before leaning solves an enterprise to develop difficult problem. Want to catch good flood prevention or control to fight calamity work, aggrandizement forecasts forecast early-warning, in advance plan, science attempers, firmly guards safe bottom line. (Chen Yixian of Chen Zujiang of reporter of Mei continent daily’s trainee)