Reporter of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns yesterday, collect island haven 1 to accumulative total handling capacity amounted to 6.696 million tons July, than adding 131

.2% . Among them, implementation discharge boat measured one million and thirty-seven thousand four hundred tons July, lading measures two hundred and twenty-six thousand two hundred tons, total handling capacity one million two hundred and sixty-three thousand six hundred tons, than adding 46.52% ,

Since this year, collect island haven around had done ” 6 firm ” the job, fulfil ” 6 protect ” the task, in solid do good normalization epidemic situation to prevent the base that control to go up, answer governmental call, avoid during receiving client epidemic situation, partial library field uses fee, alleviate actively; of company capital pressure applies for to enlarge the storage yard that keep tax ahead of schedule, tamp protects; of tax business base to strengthen equipment is safeguarded and upgrade, shift of proper motion research and development mixes system matching mine, promote production efficiency steadily. In the meantime, advance aptitude of 400 thousand tons of class to declare the job hammer and tongs, through spinning board, fill short board, essence of life sends force to carry qualitative synergism definitely, implementation haven produces steady growth, accelerate form Luo Yu haven to develop new structure.

As we have learned, as new coronal pneumonic epidemic situation is prevented accuse a situation to last to good, the business such as steelworks is wholesale answer produce amount to produce. Collect island haven is grabbed seize opportunity, reach further cooperation with client of much home steelworks. Current, the new steel that already was inland steadily continuously, duckweed steel, square big special steel mill of steel, 3 steel carry raw material, fill the steelworks that epidemic situation causes is in short supply for goods. (Zheng Yidong of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter thanks second scene)