Dispatch of Pu cropland net on July 30, project of titanium rice robot achieves garden to be started formally in division of college town 5G. This project will be in an university through establishing city 5G division achieves the center of research and development of medical treatment robot inside garden, wisdom to change a hospital to reveal a center to wait, introduce titanium rice wisdom to change courtyard feeling management, ward to serve management of medicines and chemical reagents of material of systematic construction, bad news to wait for advanced management concept, wisdom of medical treatment of the our city that help strength changes setting construction and standardization development.

As we have learned, inc. of robot of Shanghai titanium rice is company of platform of robot of medical treatment of home of our country head, have first countrywide intelligence to disinfect a robot 2 class licence of medical apparatus and instruments, the product basically has canal of material of high cost cost to accuse robot, poisonous anaesthetic to taste a canal to accuse ward of medicine of robot, nucleus to serve robot, intelligence to disinfect a robot to wait, in beat back new coronal produced tremendous effect in battle of pneumonic epidemic situation.

The project of titanium rice robot that starts this is one of projects of industry of new-style science and technology that Li the city zone opens action business to introduce. Current, the research and development that this project starts the 2000 much square metre inside garden in division of college town 5G, reveal, groom reach office center official already investment is used, combination college town is versed in newly teenager of force of Shi Qian of the academy of sciences, luck is integrated the center make center of science and technology of Pu Tiantai rice jointly, wisdom of fair medical treatment of the application of research and development that devotes oneself to to teach robot research and development robot of class of medical treatment of production, public wholesome domain from the cure that shut disease and blame changes a hospital to plan is designed and apply. In the meantime, teenager of latent capacity of associated luck be an official the headquarters austral the Ba Bahua in integrated center and A builds robot data set to accuse resource tiring-room in all, collective assistance builds division of college town 5G to start garden.

Pan Jing of CEO of Inc. of robot of Shanghai titanium rice expresses, pu Tian has rich blame public hospital resource, the research and development that is medical treatment robot, iteration provided capacious applied setting. Inc. of robot of Shanghai titanium rice established the 2nd sale, research and development of countrywide to produce base in Pu Tian, the combination of advantage of focusing oneself technology and industry of Pu cropland medicine, advance wisdom of Pu cropland medical treatment to supervise systematic construction jointly, will be exert oneself to nod with Pu Tian, radiation Fujian and even whole nation. (Zheng Yidong of reporter of Mei continent daily)