Pond of store water of tail water of sewage treatment plant of Mei continent island has government of person specially assigned for a task.

Through the Mei after punish park of zoology of of stone of continent island lake strengthens water quality protection.

□ Mei continent Xu Shuangping of daily reporter Wu Weifeng’s reporter civil / pursue

Sewage of laid of accumulative total of Mei continent island is collected advocate, second dry canal makes an appointment with 160 kilometers, realize sewage of 11 administrative village to collect tubal net ” big UniCom ” cesspool accept canal achieves 3 standard of; country should receive receive, implementation island sewage is collected enclothe completely.

Continent island already realized Mei of Mom ancestor bethel sewage is collected enclothe completely.

In recent years, development of Mei continent island is carried out implement idea of civilization of Xi Jinping zoology, remember the important entrust that has protected Mei continent island well, make raise of countrywide zoology civilization, improve rural person effectively to rank an environment. Up to now, sewage of laid of complete island accumulative total is collected advocate, second dry canal makes an appointment with 160 kilometers, realize sewage of 11 administrative village to collect tubal net ” big UniCom ” cesspool accept canal achieves 3 standard of; country should receive receive, implementation island sewage is collected enclothe completely.

Party of Mei continent island is versed in appoint clerical Lin Shaowen says, bethel sewage collects Mom ancestor to be enclothed completely is to be fulfilled further ” travel + ” the strategy, those who boost area of scene of travel of stage of 5A of home of Mei continent insularity found, aid Limei continent island to build area of core of center of culture of world Mom ancestor and pilgrim island, zoology island, travel island, cross-strait brethren heart agrees, achieve the happy home that share in all.

Perfect mechanism do all one can is advanced

How had protected Mei continent island, zoology go ahead of the rest. Municipal Party committee, municipal government establishs Pu cropland city to had protected job of Mei continent island to head a group. Mei continent island is seasonable and corresponding the deploy in city, adjust optimize job of Mei continent island to head group and special working group, research was made ” task of continent island of protective good Mei implements plan ” etc, decompose fulfil each specific work.

Modes of life and relation to their environment is good, how to see sewage handle? Area of region of land of Mei continent island 14.35 square kilometer, the area area that needs to undertake sewage is collected makes an appointment with 465.85 hectare. Party of Mei continent island is versed in appoint, canal appoint can serve as actively, establish sewage quickly to administer headquarters of construction engineering work, the construction work that cesspool of net, 3 case, small-sized to complete island waste pipe sewage disposal stands undertakes harmonious, guidance, supervise. In the meantime, still established sewage of Mei continent island to administer headquarters of construction engineering work temporarily Party branch, aggrandizement party is built lead, the battle fort effect that produces party organization adequately and action of type of Party member van, ensure the job falls to real point. Last year, by the canal appoint meeting place class leads a cadre his link up with an administrative village, build small letter to work group, build the power with final sprint greater infuse for waste pipe net.

Enclothe completely to advance sewage to collect implementation, mei continent island builds system of normalization job regular meeting, every week 2 sewage processing builds engineering work headquarters to hold the job in the evening harmonious meeting, every groups of group leaders report a case, town village two appoint the key is advanced with respect to the job of village of place link up with, existence problem, harmonious matters concerned and weekly plan workload, target is finished wait for a circumstance to undertake reporting, and according to project assignment certificate, route chart, schedule, stress a focal point, advance in order. Found waste pipe net to build engineering work a gleam of to inspect cadre workbench Zhang, adopt ” 3 detailed list ” (responsibility detailed list, problem detailed list, gain detailed list) means air basks in; of gain of cadre of project a gleam of to carry out ” 4 ask ” (ask actual effect, ask a manner, ask a method, ask responsibility) means inspects condition of cadre of a gleam of in the round, to work of construction of waste pipe net each phase has a record, and classify builds archives, manage as performance, judge judge assessment of actor, year, education to groom first the important basis; that uses with the cadre establishs negative detailed account, to the nonfeasance in the job, cadre that does not take on, write down a cadre to inspect record daily.

Meanwhile, highlight performance award. Build award actor to punish bad mechanism to 11 administrative village, working effect before the row 3 village, end of the year performance always increases 10 minutes on cent, the village of job of the year that finish adds 3 minutes, of half-baked year job buckle 10 minutes. Carry out a proof, a series of measure that sewage of processing of Mei continent island publishs, stimulative cadre overtakes than learning, advance the job effectively to deepen begin, effect is apparent.

The whole people shares the difficult problem that defeat solution

Waste pipe net is built and collect the job to involve an innumberable families, need to handle good neighbors relation, lousy way, broken wall, tear open a series of specific issues such as change, rehabilitate. Mei continent island is various the cadre is publicized extensively to masses ” continent island of Mei of Pu cropland city protects regulation ” , tell about the port that sewage administers and requirement, guide a dweller to enhance environmental consciousness ceaselessly, cooperate to support a government to begin the work, build the grumous atmosphere that the whole people participates in, sewage is advanced to collect since agglomeration what cover the work completely is powerful energy.

Existing river running water fastens more than 30 on Mei continent island, 14 executive rivers are long control government. Sewage is collected enclothe a project to involve bit of much, line completely long, range is wide wait for a characteristic, geological and complex, changeful, underground provides rural construction environment various, groundwater abounds the net, the alley between the building child narrow foundation is shallow, and over- channel, canal wait for particular case.

How adjust measures to local conditions, establish scientific sewage to collect a concept? Stay away from home of Mei continent island builds group waste pipe the net enclothes project project controller completely Huang Guangyu says, stay away from home of Mei continent island builds group adjust measures to local conditions to advance a project to build, does main way have: ? Gou of deserted Chang  basks in children’s hair of α of Qi of ㄖ of a kind of sedge of  of Chang of Piao of You of predestined relationship collect? of Nai natrium  is adopted ” flake area ” construction market corrupt hole and ” big area ” mode of well of pump of promotion of construction unifinication sewage undertakes handling. Resident of bank of dock of ferry of the village below palace carries market of the first class corrupt hole is smoked promote pump the well to sewage of ferry dock unifinication, promote pump well to smoke through sewage of unifinication of dock of ferry of the 2nd class then issue sanded unifinication sewage to promote pump the well to palace of the village below palace, sand falls to promote pump well to smoke through palace of the 3rd class later to the 4th class east Cai Cun promotes pump the well and collect trunk canal finally to flow into; of sewage treatment plant to operate a space in the light of construction span of adjacent of photograph of small, building is small wait for a section of a highway, adopt ” with groove ” mode undertakes building, namely sewage conduit and barrel-drain construction are in ” be the same as a groove ” and fluctuation laid means undertakes, resolving demand of space of sewage conduit laid, also find in barrel-drain at the same time former the resident blowdown canal of straight barrel-drain, receive blowdown valve to sewage to check well; to join temple of the village below palace one by one processing of water system of zoology of Zhou Pian area pushs a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale as a whole the net builds waste pipe of Zhou Pian area, to waste pipe net cannot problem of coherent a section of a highway, use the building dismantles change manner and way of way of synchronous construction village advances; to be aimed at subterranean water level problem of a section of a highway of taller a section of a highway, easy cave in, adopt ” dig quickly be filled quickly and armor plate picket is surrounded block ” means undertakes conduit is built. In the meantime, build sewage of Mei continent island to collect cover working small letter completely group, give to all sorts of problems of construction site coordinate solution in time definitely, good each village proposal and tweak blend in construction in time to build a course in.

Huang Guangyu expresses, in construction

In, they strengthen management, father to close project quality safety closes. To rain corrupt mix receive, the conduit that the fault receives, according to ” rain corrupt billabong ” the principle undertakes to old old waste pipe the net undertakes transforming rectifying and reform; , to damaged tubal net has repair, to jamming tubal net undertakes dredge wait, realize system of waste pipe network to connect net. Hold to the principle of plan obedience quality, concern good project design, material quality closes, spot construction closes, the examination is checked and accept close, ensure protect protect a quantity to finish character.

No matter encounter what difficult problem, mei continent island promotes Mom ancestor spirit energetically up and down, make concerted effort, union ” one annulus is consistent 4 horizontal strokes ” promotion of network of complete island road is transformed, already finished sewage primary and secondary to do a canal to build about 160 kilometers now, among them trunk canal makes an appointment with 38 kilometers, second dry canal makes an appointment with 122 kilometers, implementation enclothes; to build a sewage treatment plant completely (processing capability 5000 tons / day) , well of pump of promotion of sewage of mode of structure of 3 traditional frame.

After insular sewage collects Mei continent to enclothe project building completely, complete island can realize sewage ” collect completely, enclothe completely, complete processing ” working target, comprehensive promotion village allows village appearance, make safe, zoology, beautiful, humanitarian Mei water system of continent island country, advisable the Mei that appropriate of course of study resides continent island convoy.

Innovation act becomes useless to be treasure

Live in in Mei Xiao Jinjiang says the villager of lotus pool village of periphery of park of zoology of of stone of continent island lake, since every every sewage receives the home to collect a canal inside, originally the brook of river of lake stone with towering bad smell the environment becomes first-rate now, green meaning is abundant, air is fresh, a lot of insular, tourists stroll among them, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave.

It is good about protection that Mei continent island remembers Xi Jinping’s secretary-general well from beginning to end the important entrust of Mei continent island, brook of magnolia of carry out travel administers important concept, innovation builds pond of store water of tail water of sewage treatment plant, solve tail water of sewage treatment plant to arrange an issue directly.

Area of pond of store water of tail water of this sewage treatment plant makes an appointment with 5400 square metre, become complete island afforest to irrigate dot extraction water. Reservoir pond periphery installs afforest landscape belt to lie fallow for tourist and insular amuse oneself, ;27 of benefit of society of zoology benefit translate into mu the fruiter cultivates an area to basically cultivate content to have the shaddock of cold sweet rose, fig, orange, Sang Ji, economy such as coreopsis applicable fruiter, use local materials uses existing landform landforms and tail water resource to undertake irrigating. In the meantime, distributing through smoking pressurization of water pump room to manage end hydration reach park of zoology of of stone of lake of Mei continent island, mangrove park 100 orchards, hind alley village pond and downhill village Gu Min reside water system, the first tail water is answered reach mangrove park with the canal 100 orchards, length makes an appointment with 700 meters, use at the plant drip irrigation of 100 orchards, can have built by August cast with; the 2nd tail water is answered reach park of zoology of lake stone with the canal, length makes an appointment with 2000 meters, pond of village of the alley after after through the person labour is handled wetly, undertaking to lake stone the 3rd tail water answers; of zoology filling water to come with the canal and downhill village Gu Min reside water system, length makes an appointment with 3500 meters, through after periphery of alley village pond installs the infuse after type of a flight of stairs treats tail water wetly artificially downhill village Gu Min resides water system to have zoology filling water, the 2nd, 3 tail water are answered predict with the canal the copy is complete in September.

Travel of Mei continent island builds Chen Zhong of assistant of general manager of group limited company to say, 3 tail water are answered install intelligent switch and drip irrigation system on the way with the canal, undertake watering irrigating to afforest, economic benefits of zoology benefit translate into. Connect through water system, wadi and pond zoology are transformed and the measure such as promotion of water quality of lake stone , raise an island to sail upstream environmental quality, improve biology perch condition, implementation has water system flow inside wadi of 70% water system, rate of wadi zoology water front is achieved 80% .

Hold to zoology to establish an island, caress beach of gold of green jade water, make fresh water area. Now, mei continent island is boosting waste pipe net hammer and tongs ” last kilometer ” construction, get through is all ” blood capillary ” , ensure each village receives complete island each entirely waste pipe net, let sewage be discharged in disorder no longer, improved condition of rural water annulus and environment of rural person house, exert oneself makes island water system administer countrywide example integratedly. A beautiful, pure and fresh, happy countryside revitalizes picture scroll to spreading out slowly…