Yesterday of writer of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns, celestial being swims people of business of dimensions of above of first 100 people mediates the county committee — ” the sea connects company people to mediate committee ” hold water recently.

Uncovering card ceremonially, bureau of this county judicatory connects company staff to give 100 to the sea ” civil code is in charge of ” offprint, invite ” the people of the whole country mediates an expert ” Lin Qingyuan makes chair of special subject law, unscramble ” civil code is in charge of ” relevant provision and window, impart the methodological means that people mediates.

The sea tells a company is to save the biggest civilian battalion sailor to send a company completely. To mediate dispute of law of experience look forward to better, advance further ” well business ” construction, celestial being swims prefectural judicatory bureau connects company exploration to establish an enterprise to move in the sea appoint meeting, for the enterprise development builds environment of good run business.

In recent years, celestial being swims economy of prefectural blame state ownership grows quickly. Bureau of this county judicatory is advancing a society to administer innovation in, pay attention to strengthen people to mediate constituent team construction, for enterprise of a few civilian battalion innovation established room of mediation of sex of many professional, industry. 2015, bilk inn to press down tone jointly appoint can establish in the plant area in triumphant abundant ” entrepreneur of town bilking inn mediates atelier jointly ” , explored dispute of look forward to of 6 kinds of experience to mediate working law jointly, serve public company of many 300 of all kinds blame

Stability develops. Last year in April, spend end to press down tone jointly appoint meeting, in channel city of art carve travel establishs degree of end to press down people of art carve industry to mediate atelier — Hu Zhixiong mediates atelier, safeguarded harmony of market of annatto art carve to stabilize.

Next, bureau of this county judicatory will be moved with creating a company appoint can be grasper, the law that strengthens businesses of pair of blame state ownership serves supply, to promote health of economy of blame state ownership development builds good law environment. (Chen Guomeng of Mei continent daily)