Yesterday of reporter of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns, court of contain river district combined substation of area procuratorate, public security to make recently ” the place buy law of property of case of criminal litigation experience (try out) ” , take the lead in publishing a file to advance in whole town ” hit money to stop blood ” the job, focusing experience is black evil belongings deals with executive job.

It is reported, this file shares 4 parts 39, of property of case of the experience in covering criminal suit close down, sequestered, freeze, investigation, deal with wait for each link, make clear a court to be opposite among them close down, the evidence of property of sequestered, frozen and its accrual ought to be in front courtyard careful give qualitative card, the experience case property that belongs to to proving power ought to mention expressly to deal with specificly in judgment means.

Of this file publish a standard of property of case of criminal litigation experience deal with program, conduce to form science, reliable, executable sex stage by stage strong experience case belongings handles a mechanism, to come true ” case Qing Dynasty writtens guarantee ” ” by Hei Caiqing ” , depth is advanced sweep black produce positive effect except evil special accuse and denounce at a meeting. (Xu Aiqiong of reporter of Mei continent daily is connected

Dispatch Yuan Susheng Bin)