Dispatch of Pu cropland net yesterday, the reporter learns from branch of cropland of Pu of Fujian channel bank, drive whole town for development ” the party is built + ” community neighborhood center builds the job, in city straight office party is versed in appoint below guidance, this branch publishs plan, begin send financial service to take activity of community neighborhood center, provide more convenient characteristic banking service for the dweller.

This branch will be advanced ” the party is built + ” join or be admitted to the party of offer of construction of community neighborhood center proposes mobile program, with neighborhood center party the organization interacts, form normalization

Mobile mechanism. It is old person, difficult that volunteer of fixed organization Party member, member and employee express sympathy and solicitude for to neighborhood center seek by inquiry door, care deformity children, begin activity of of all kinds volunteer and welfare operation; Build Tong Le of business of hall of financial knowledge elementary school, money to be able to wait, publicize knowledge of newest financial information, money, disappear to protect knowledge to wait; Combine festal text, develop money business activity, bag zhongzi activity and friend circle market assist conduct propaganda, close child the personalized activity such as activity, flea market. Every neighborhood center appoints two people to be ” financial counsellor ” , in the meantime, establish financial function division, offer finance to seek advice for the dweller, open card, fortune to defend the service such as financing of value rise in value, credit, establish financial classroom, share financial knowledge, the finance of dweller of contented neighborhood center serves demand, form neighborhood center one-stop finance serves. (Liu Yongyu of reporter of Mei continent daily)