Question of Pu cropland net comes day after day, area of the city proper and areas just outside its gates lives the member that propose person of bureau organization construction intensifies dweller of repair document village channel of building rainwater edge,

According to introducing, area of the city proper and areas just outside its gates administer the city zone is municipal pluvial waste pipe in all 99, drainpipe net length makes an appointment with 160 kilometers. Good to do flood prevention or control has flood works, this area lives build sectional much make plans to develop simultaneously, aggrandizement is municipal pluvial waste pipe daily go on a tour of inspection reachs the net safeguard. Establish group of municipal go on a tour of inspection, increase waste pipe of pair of the city zone the frequency of go on a tour of inspection of the net,

In relevant small letter works group undertake declaring repairing, advance a problem to be solved quickly. Entrust professional to begin catchment conduit to clear regularly the job, ensure catchment unobstructed. In the meantime, dark to basically discharging big passageway contain undertakes clear silt, build storm sewer to undertake billabong, increase a big capacity. Build in easy waterlogged a section of a highway bright canal dark channel, perfect rainwater mouth is decorated, accelerate catchment rate, avoid to produce waterlogging.

This area still combines the city zone old old village transforms a project, be opposite a rain inside the area corrupt collecting fitting net undertakes billabong, widen transform, promote catchment infrastructure, settle a region with all one’s strength inside problem of easy waterlogged dot. Current, problem of seeper of waterlogging of this area the city zone is solved basically already. (Lin Azhan of Chen Feng of Mei continent daily)