Dispatch of Pu cropland net on July 30, lash-up of safe production of fishery of Mei continent island saves aid drilling to hold, consciousness of safe production of fisherman of aggrandizement fishing area and maritime save oneself each other saves ability, increase the capacity that answers maritime sudden incident further, to open fishing season convoy.

Drilling content breaks out sailor of incident lash-up rescuing drilling and fisher to save oneself around the be in danger on water of fishery vessel ship each other saves real operation drilling two respects are begun, include maritime emergency treatment, fire protection put out a fire, maritime seek to live on to operate with life raft and sectional lash-up deals with.

Drilling imitate setting is a fisher was answering be in danger of the strike a reef in harbor road that day, the ship loses power, 4 sailors fall into water. Other personnel directs platform to call the police to lash-up instantly on the boat cry for help. Center of command of bureau of water of aricultural of Mei continent island is received alarm hind, incident lash-up is broken out on water of shipping of the fishery that start beforehand case, report to superior at the same time, report to maritime branch, request its to dispatch professional deliverance force begins the work that rescue. Before Mei continent presses down nearby to organize fisher, begin toward accident maritime space rescue. Ocean of Mei continent island and fishery execute the law the group attempers execute the law boat a light boat is driven go to

Trouble spot, carry out the action that rescue. Come to help through do all one can, 4 fall into water personnel is saved to rise, preliminary first aid has on the bank, send past hospital farther cure; Shipping temporarily on fire also gets be puttinged out in time.

Whole drilling according to beforehand the case is satisfactory finish, departmental door finishs the job quickly according to duty division of labor, the each other that improved a fisherman to answer maritime sudden incident is saved save oneself ability, increased safeguard for safety of masses life property. (Xu Shuangping of Wu Weifeng of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter)