A piece of certificate of merit, a pot. The 5th Fujian Province find pleasure to help others moral model Huang Wenqian has obtained countless honor, however collect carefully wears two not to belong to him ” honorary ” . Certificate of merit and pot come from an elementary school the girl of 2 grade.

This girl is celestial being swims county on the west Lin Xinyi of student of central elementary school. After the touching achievement that heard Huang Wenqian is happy to help a person, on May 11, she and maternal specially head for Home Huang Wenqian in, visit an old person, realize love deed. That day, the international of frog of the 20th gold that the girl obtains her is artistic language of section total final kind the certificate of merit that reads aloud a gold prize and pot send Huang Wenqian to make commemoration day. Be informed Lin Xinyi to taste learn to hold actor concurrently, huang Wenqian is very glad, reward 1000 yuan at once, encourage her to continue hard to learn.

Two evade do not cross mother and daughter, decide old person of follow the lead of does a good work. Fizzle out the money given to children as a lunar New Year gift that children and grand children gives during Spring Festival of Wen Qian general, the saving that reachs oneself to work adds up to 10 thousand yuan donate Wuhan city charity to always be met; After resume classes of go back to school of our city middle and primary school, the old person bought 1500 guaze mask with 2100 yuan of the closest scrape up again, endow elementary school of the peak in the town that spend remaining part entirely. After the achievement that is informed old person of yellow article modest, fellowship him along with that Lin Xinyi also gives the old person money given to children as a lunar New Year gift bought epidemic prevention goods and materials together, contribute elementary school of the peak in sending.

100 years old of advanced age, still be happy to help a person. The goodness of Huang Wenqian old person, more and more people join impel love cavalcade, beside good person, charity is ceaseless emerge in large numbers, pass culture continuously energy.

Swim in celestial being, allude old person of yellow article modest, everybody is very familiar. He is the press ” frequenter ” , achievement is common local media, still had gone up provincial reach central media. The old person lives in village of revolutionary old quarter to spend village of the peak in end town, family circumstances of from a child is poor, fail finish school. , he what how ought enjoy old age in the home sees socially still a lot of difficult masses need to help, continue to work with respect to regain enterprise, salary is used at commonweal career. From 2002 up to now, his accumulative total is aided learn to aid strand 630 thousand yuan, suffer help a strength 1000 much people.

Yellow last year Wen Qian 100 years old of old age, he gives him to do the Qian Jie of birthday banquet 100 years old to save posterity, among them 15 thousand yuan contribute the town that spend remaining part to teach foundation, use at love to aid learn, the old person that returns poverty of 30 family circumstances buys edible oil, pork, distribute to them celebrate a festival red bag. And Huang Wenqian and old partner however with egg of a pair of a bowl of macrobian face, earth, spent austere ” banquet of 100 years old of birthday ” . In him

Drive, do not do birthday banquet to become commonweal become common practice, atmosphere of local transform social traditions is grumous.

Huang Xuedong of secretary of peak village Party branch says in, huang Wenqian is not entrepreneur, family circumstances is not rich also, dan Qinjian is managing, use up its to be able to support commonweal, fuze all directions. Began 2008, the old person contributes promotive village every year to take an examination of the student of the university, contribute the difficulty that gives 4000 yuan to be used at aiding financially the village every year door; Began 2014, it is the village every year difficulty door, 5 protect door, difficult Party member and 80 years old of old people of above send life goods and materials to reach condolatory aid financially gold. These year of village Li Xiuqiao paves a road, build room of old person activity to wait, huang Wenqian is the first contribution, the villager people in its the influence falls, also contribute money for beautiful country construction in succession show strength, many 30 youngster participates in the commonweal career of home town every year.

Health is happy, find pleasure to help others, chang Le of Huang Wenqian content with one’s lot. Although age is tall already, he still pays close attention to commonweal. He says, want the body to allow only, he should undertake commonweal after all, help more needs the person of the help. (Huang Lingyan of reporter of Mei continent daily)