Reporter of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns yesterday, in recent years, procuratorate of people of contain river area insists to be with the problem oriented, draw inferences about other cases from one instance, move in clear clew send branch of limits, responsibility, responsibility item while, fine chemical industry makes a demand, law of ceaseless aggrandizement discipline joins the job. Since this year, this courtyard in all discipline of Xiang Hanjiang area appoint inspect appoint move send, bulletin ” two ” violate the clew that violate discipline 19.

Basis ” who handles a case, who is checked ” principle, handle a case sectional height takes seriously ” two ” be suspected of violating guilty case, in get case link, examine link, each link wait before planning to make a decision, through ” Party member Home E ” the way such as inquiry, special inquiry, inquiry is right whether does party of guilty suspect, case have Party member identity to undertake rolling sifting checking, check, discriminate.

To prevent fail to report sth, this courtyard executes collect of month of report, season, year compare pair of systems, each handle a case the branch sends the Party member that deals with last month and national staff member every months to violate news list to newspaper of integrated business section, every season end to going up year cadre door deals with ” two ” the case undertakes collect comparing is opposite. The collect of integrated business department, newspaper after combing sends an area record appoint inspect appoint concerned branch.

This courtyard reports problem clew, move send item to bring into performance test limits, promote each to handle a case sectional height takes seriously, carry a responsibility, cogent prevent ” two ” be suspected of guilty case appearing phenomenon of fail to report sth. To be suspected of playing theory

Cheat cheats an organization, conceal intentionally ” two ” the branch that personnel is suspected of violating the clew that violate discipline and individual, inspect affection to be depended on lawfully compasses ask duty, chase after duty. (Huang Chenghua of reporter of Ling of Cai of reporter of Mei continent daily)