The graph is in house of city science and technology to learn popular science knowledge seriously for children.

Salutary influence of education, moral education go ahead of the rest. Minor is the future of the motherland, strengthen work of construction of minor thought morality to be in in a thousand years, benefit contemporary.

Since this year, city family assist the Chongzhongzhi that insists to regard cultural and ideological progress as to work construction of minor thought morality is heavy, begin promotion of education of transmission of minor science and technology, science and technology, science and technology and science and technology actively to gain ground wait for an activity, make ” division ‘ Pu ‘ teenager joy grows ” brand of work of construction of minor thought morality, it is core with house of city science and technology, tamp popular science is taught ” advocate position ” construction, drive scientific conduct propaganda to work to wait for content into community deep continuously, enhance accomplishment of broad minor science and innovation creativity further, drive minor thought morality to build the job to obtain new result.

This year beginning of spring, get new hat influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, house of city science and technology closes a shop temporarily, but ” shut a house to learn ceaselessly ” . This house is rolled out actively ” the cloud on the line explains ” activity, begin ” the cloud rambles ” house of science and technology. Pass ” Internet + ” , the forward position IT such as VR, AR, began ” challenge of scientific test of · of antagonism epidemic situation ” ” picture of · of all the people of one mind sees epidemic situation ” ” battle of epidemic prevention your work ” ” greeting life is go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations person ” ” scientist of assist of ceremony of · of greeting new era ” ” race of network of quality of science of the whole people ” wait for the activity on much field line, accumulative total participates in a number to amount to 30 thousand much person-time. Among them biathlon, get scientific test work and paint in all many 500.

Build service platform, strengthen position construction. Teach to develop minor adequately advocate position intention, do morality of good minor thought to build the job, city family assist still note retype to build what be core with house of city science and technology ” one center much position ” construction, the science and technology that uses house of city science and technology to abound teachs resource of hardware, software, embassy officer is built to join base officer in whole town 12, establish atelier of community adolescent science 39, through deploying ” scientific E stands ” electronic screen, introduce electronic binoculars, electron 100 go all out, the product of science and education such as the robot, will green

Education of teenager popular science builds organic confluence with the school, community, without seam a butt joint, arouse adolescent to learn the science, love science, interest that uses science further, big thrust publicizes the job to enter school yard into science, into community. Up to now, whole town shares 4 community to win honorary title of countrywide science demonstrative community early or late.

Abound mobile carrier, build scientific atmosphere. City family assist begin actively ” section of campus science and technology ” ” teenage scientific investigation experiences an activity ” etc, develop interest of teenage scientific research energetically; Through holding teenage science and technology contest of innovation contest, teenage robot, middle and primary school gives birth to scientific DV match to wait, “In order to surpass hurried teaching ” the education of teenage science and technology that advances school of middle and primary school. It is in contest of the 19th teenage robot of countrywide, our city delegation wins first prize 3 (among them champion 2, runner-up 1) , second-class award 1, achievement of bear the palm the row is saved completely the first, develop student creativity and practice ability. Develop activity of go to the countryside of science and technology at the same time, send rural school resource of advanced science and technology, encourage the school in the city and two pairs of ties of remote region school, share resource of high grade science and technology, hurried teachs unifinication into urban and rural science and technology.

Henceforth, city family assist the activity of science and technology that will continue to begin rich and colorful, use position dominant position, all-around mutiple level make minor thought morality build working brand, creativity of better education student and practice ability.

Wu Guiyong of reporter of Mei continent daily civil / graph