Author of dispatch of Pu cropland net learns yesterday, come this year boreal bank continues to urge nation of river valley of Brazilian fresh water, Xiamen via opening an area trade, medium the trafficker such as coal imports and exports from Luo Yu a large amount of bulk cargo reach haven change trains Taiwan, make southeast coastal a large amount of bulk cargo trade center. Up to by July, collect island dock amounts to two million nine hundred and nine thousand eight hundred tons to stage portfolio this year, among them discharge boat one million four hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred tons, lading one million four hundred and ninety-two thousand three hundred tons.

In recent years, boreal bank develops haven and area adequately via opening an area advantage,

Pass the effective conformity that big harbor, commerce, content sheds, make our country southeast with all one’s strength coastal a large amount of bulk cargo trade center. Collect island haven from last year Taiwan of at first boat is medium in July steel Kaohsiung harbor, will begin to normalize operation in September at of the same age, bilateral enterprise realizes business to stabilize growth quickly.

Current, collect island harbor already became the harbor of iron ore change trains with the biggest to Taiwan mainland, the steel in Taiwan of business contain draw together buys river valley of iron ore change trains, fresh water oneself shipment of BRBF of carry out stage, medium coal of metallurgy of stage of coal carry out. In the meantime, boreal bank serves as a large amount of bulk cargo open air with complete province the largest area to maintain dominant position of duty storage yard via opening an area to develop Luo Yu haven, compose builds ground of complete a business transaction of iron ore merchandise on hand. Collect island haven still is signed with river valley of Brazilian fresh water ” strategic cooperation agreement ” , in 2 to 3 years inside Luo Yu haven mix business matching mine to increase annual 20 million tons, rise inside 5 years annual 50 million tons, make Asia-Pacific the biggest mix center matching mine.

(grave of Huang Han course of study opens Bin Guo Jing Wen / graph)