Autumn of dispatch of Pu cropland net is about to term begins, beautiful island learns a city in Ou Yuying east campus project also intensifies advancing, unit of project owner, construction, inspect manage unit close

Cut cooperation to cooperate, current, education multi-purpose building already sealed a top to enter in-house operation, 5 Liang Ban already completed dormitory building irrigate build, begin construction of body of build by laying bricks or stones, office building foundation begins construction.

The to bring up that is located in the city zone of beautiful island center flower middle school city east campus project, it is this area includes an our city 7 times ” 935 ” the key of the plan and construction teachs one of category eye, project on April 1 start working, plan nowadays whole of the end of the year is finishing. Managerial dimensions of this project program is junior high school 48 education class, total floor area makes an appointment with 36 thousand square metre, predicting investment makes an appointment with 190 million yuan, building of multi-purpose building of main construction education, experiment multi-purpose building, office building, dormitory and muti_function house, playground, predict 2400 to be able to add degree newly, masses of contented area under administration is right the demand of high grade education.

(Wu Zhijun)