The graph is experiencing picked grapy fun for tourists.

Midsummer, the grape of contain river each district matures in succession. On August 1, grapery of Long Zhu of double booth village is pressed down in Qu reed, a string of grape that strings together glittering and translucent get rid of to appear is hanged on cirrus, lick one’s chaps making a person. Workers are in busy picked, sorting, handpick, bale, case. In garden, still have many tourists picked below grape trellis, sample pass in the grape sufficient an addiction.

In recent years, Qu Lu Zhen leads in what the industry revitalizes, adjust measures to local conditions is bred ” grape + ” characteristic industry, drive masses to take off deficient to add close, stimulative industry carries qualitative synergism, make ” sweet industry catenary ” , grape economy becomes countryside to revitalize new engine.

“The organic zoology grape that we grow, use big canopy to help advance somebody’s career meticulously, wait for means through flower thinning, fruit thinning, the key is put on promotion grape character, the grape is sweet degree tall, flavour is delicious. ” cultivate a Chen Jinkui to say, dragon bead grape plucks garden is ” base + recreational ” the contemporary zoology farm that mode combines, use science to cultivate, control crop strictly, assure grape fruit bead big, pol is tall. At present the grape is cultivated cover an area of a face to accumulate 20 mus, have Xia Hei, door too the many breed such as finger of rose of 8 date, sunshine, gold, mature and picked period be in 7 to in August, characteristic breed is all ready, favor by the market.

Rely on grapery of Long Zhu of double booth village, Qu Lu Zhen combines grape industry and organic agriculture look, be encouraged actively and popularize ” cooperation + farmer ” cultivate administrative pattern. Cooperation is unified offer grape seedling to plant, manufacturing goods and materials, unified groom, each manufacturing segment carry out standardization strictly to grow a requirement, guide masses from ” organic cultivate base ” proceed with, from cultivate optional location, program, construction, to grape management technology, fertilizer is used etc, the choice that offers whole process for the villager refines a side to help a butt joint up, arouse adequately motive force lays inside the farmer, increase farmer income. In the meantime, this town still holds water inside the village ” cooperation of purchase and sale ” , using the first consideration is circumjacent poverty on labour door, induct poverty door to realize door mouth obtain employment, recumbent grape radiate drove more and more people to walk up to become rich together road.

Qu Lu Zhen still makes full use of zoology resource, develop ” grape + ” zoology sightseeing project, advance development of farming brigade unifinication, stimulative farmer is added close.

The organic agriculture with bright base oneself upon develops characteristic, this beautiful country that presses down the along the line since active series connection, south altar hot spring goes vacationing the tourist attraction such as area of scene of float of village, green predestined relationship, the organization begins delicate agriculture to grind learn to wait for an activity, those who make picked sightseeing travel for countryside of an organic whole is beautiful beautiful scenery, attract while the tourist is visitting garden of hill paddy field, visiting grapery, sample grape, experience is picked, realized travel industry to swim to experience swimming transition upgrades from sightseeing.

Grape economy area lived rustic economy, also drove countryside to revitalize. This town ranks rural person environmental punish to revitalize important grasper as countryside, advance energetically ” toilet revolution ” , processing of rural life rubbish, sewage, fill neat country infrastructure is short board, drive countryside to realize beauty butterfly to change. “One village is tasted ” make a cereal of Chong Fuqiu water, Mei Yang the network of a batch of country such as Jiang Chunlin former residence is red the ground that play card, the double booth grape that charm gracefuls also walks into the line of sight of increasing tourist accordingly, before attracting a tourist, will climb fitness, admire the beauty of flowers agriculture of view scene, experience is picked, urge country travel economy and ” happy home ” construction. Small grape already became stimulative agriculture synergism and aid farming add those who close become rich industry, also make the main component that the countryside that help strength revitalizes.

Zhuxiu spends Chen Liqiong article / graph