Dispatch of Pu cropland net on July 24, contain river area retires bureau of military general affairs, double embrace do to be begun jointly with area calligrapher association ” celebrate 81 ” calligrapher marchs

Battalion activity (if pursue) , serve festal blessing for basic level officers and soldiers.

Mobile spot, calligrapher people around ” the army and the people wields his writing brush together eulogy of brush and ink double embrace ” theme, wield one’s writing brush splash-ink creates a calligraphy work that reflects lofty quality of military heroic bearing, placed thick to the deep feeling of people army made up of the sons of the people friendship and happiness to wish. Meantime, do not like calligraphic officers and soldiers to consult calligraphy craft from time to tome, calligrapher people in succession open ” spot education ” mode, arms of v/arc drillmaster of handgrip hand ground drills wordbook is written, present the moving picture that gives the army and the people to be built in all.

This second activity not only active barback culture lives, more promotional friendly feelings of fish and water of the army and the people, built army cherish one’s fellow citizen, civilian embrace army, the grumous atmosphere that fish and water of the army and the people kisses. (Xiao Huawen of Zhu Xiuhua Yao / graph)