Dispatch of Pu cropland net recently, bureau of statistic of Li the city zone and area appoint street agency is in sea of substation of public security of city of propagandist department, Li, town 3 Xin Jinding square hold countrywide census propaganda the 7th times jointly, raise masses witting rate, participate in rate and supportive rate.

“Census is a country make and the foundation of the policy measure such as perfect future education, obtain employment, provide for the aged, medical treatment, social security, target of development of firm to the country economy, society, culture and policy measure are had heavy

Want an influence. ” in the activity, the staff member introduced the purpose of countrywide census, meaning, main content the 7th times in detail, arouse broad masses cooperates actively to work with supportive census, declare census information according to the facts, participate in census lawfully. The commitment that delegate of surveyor delegate and dweller still is sustaining countrywide census the 7th times signs on the wall. (Mei continent daily bilks one husband Wu Qunxiong)