Pu cropland netDispatch reporter teachs bureau know from city yesterday, this year recruit of our city general ” silver hair teacher ” 120 people, make full use of retired teacher is high grade resource, for the our city educational development contributes ability and wisdom, experience and force.

Recruit ” silver hair teacher ” the school is made up because of be short of for whole town, special situation causes maternity leave etc what the persons qualified to teach is not worth is fair do school of middle and primary school, nursery school, secondary vocational school, attend in a advanced studies to wait. “Silver hair teacher ” extend by the month by the school of the service service fee. Every school year presses elementary school, nursery school 10 months computation, middle school (school of attend in a advanced studies of the duty in containing, teacher) calculate by 11 months.

Service fee extends the standard presses everybody for one class title 3500 yuan / month; Advanced title presses everybody 4500 yuan / month; Division of name of education of fancy teacher, province and high teacher presses everybody 6000 yuan / month. Each recruit school but basis ” silver hair teacher ” class hour is contributed wait to be adjusted appropriately, particularly outstanding to education outstanding achievement, can raise service cost appropriately. Additional, service school is pressed not under everybody 300 yuan / year the standard is ” silver hair teacher ” buy accident insurance. (Wu Shuangshuang of reporter of Mei continent daily)