Dispatch of Pu cropland net A few days ago, contest gets limited company of benefit Fujian fiber to start a power plant to exceed discharge establishment to transform completely. This project is worth the contractive canal that has more severe exacting to accuse to the bounds of emission, aid protection of force environment deepness.

This company with ” high grade and efficient, energy-saving decrease a platoon, the environment is harmonious ” for operation guiding principle, low carbon is discharged is the key target that its can develop continuously. In recent years, below the guidance of bureau of environment of town organisms’ habits, this company around energy-saving decrease a platoon to undertake multinomial seed profit is improved, the power plant exceeds be being discharged completely is one of representative projects.

This company throws capital to make an appointment with 950 million yuan in the accumulative total on environmental protection in recent years, 25% what occupy a project to always invest. The enterprise builds initial stage, bring namely

Enter domestic and international advanced equipment and environmental protection technology. 2015, on the foundation that amounts to mark in the round in index of each environmental protection, add the promotion that sends a large number of capital to be used at environmental protection establishment to transform again. With tripartite according to zoology environment branch the data that monitor shows, surpass so that benefit discharges index to criticize a standard under country and annulus far, environmental protection handles ability to be in banner level inside course of study of world person of the same trade. (Jiang Jian of Xu Aiqiong of reporter of Mei continent daily’s reporter)